Top 10 Side Hustles of 2020
Top 10 Side Hustles of 2020



The year is 2020. We have COVID 19, rioting in the streets, and Tiktok. With social distancing and shutdowns, many people have much more time than ever before. This is a perfect time to learn how to make money during the quarantine. There are many options to make money from home during quarantine, but I am going to focus on the 10 ways that I think will be the most successful. These Tactics are not in any particular order and many of them work together and boost each other. So, let’s get started!

…and no, I will not be mentioning Uber and Lyft. Those are jobs. Not hustles. But I’ll toss in some links if that’s what you want…

1.  Write a Book

Being locked down with nothing to do gives you ample opportunity to start writing a book. You don’t need any special tools or expensive software. You can write from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. For those of you who are more tactile, you can write it all by hand. This can be troublesome when it comes time to publish, but hey! you can always find another hustler out there who would type up your handwritten book for a few bucks! You can take a look at Amazon’s website at all of the ebooks they have to offer to get an idea of what is already out there. The important thing to remember is that you can write about something that has already been written about, just do it in your own way. Your perspective is what’s important. I recommend starting with one of the 3 broad types of writing below.

  • Educate – How to…, cookbooks, history of your town, etc.
  • Entertain – Write an original story or collection of short stories
  • Inspire – Write about your struggles and how you overcame them.

A Bit more information on this >>>  Kindle ebooks – Write Your Own Success Story

2. Start Blogging

Make Money Blogging

But, Blogging os SOOOOO 2009! Blogs are one of the main sources of information that people learn from. If you search for a recipe, you will either land on one of the Big guys’ websites (Food Network, all recipes, cooking channel, etc) you will end up on youtube, or you will end up on a blog. Chances are you will end up on a blog before the other 2. Why would Google rank a blog as high or higher than the food network? Because Google knows that readers get more value from a person they can relate to that is teaching from some experience than simply a recipe on a website with no context. Content matters.

I used recipes as an example, but you can really blog about anything. The important thing to remember with creating a blog is you want your name to be more general (“Bob’s Recipes” and not “Bob’s Vegan Keto Recipes”) but carve out a small niche for yourself that you can be the authority in. “Quick and simple healthy recipes for single working parents” is a niche that you may be able to build a following in rather than just “quick and simple recipes”.

If you want to learn a bit more on starting a Blog, Check out Make Money Blogging – Writing Your Way to Success

3. Create a Brand

This Tactic will help you with 2, 5, 6, 7, & 10. Creating a Brand doesn’t have to be complicated. Instagrammers do it every day without thinking. Why do you know the name, Kardashian? Because they built a brand from their name, You are fully capable of doing the same. Neil Patel has built a brand off of his name and you can too. It doesn’t have to be your actual name though. You can use a Gamertag, a nickname, or makeup something new. Whatever it is, own it!

If you want some advice on creating a Brand, Ask Becorath, He helped create this brand as well as several others.

4. Clean your House!

Yes, clean your house. Clean out your garage, sheds, closets, and under your bed. Gather up any items that are still in good or better shape that you no longer use and sell that shit. With the quarantine, nobody is likely to come to a garage sale, but you can easily list these items on eBay. Create an eye-catching title, a detailed description, and take several great photos from every conceivable angle. The better you do with describing your items, the better they will rank in searches and the faster they sell.

5. Design T-Shirts & other Printables

Print on demand is a huge industry now. Companies like Printful, Print Aura, Printify, Merch by Amazon and others allow you to set up an account, upload some artwork, and they take care of the rest. You can decide the final price of the item, but since they are printing, taking care of payments, and shipping the items, they take a large portion of the profits. But since there really is no initial investment, anyone can get started for no money.

6. Make Videos

Again, this goes back to the branding tip. Creating videos by themselves, unless you are doing it for someone else (Check out Fiverr!),  won’t make you any money. Videos, however, are a great way to gain exposure and to drive traffic to your blog, t-shirt business, etc, and to earn money on those hustles. Doing fun TikTok videos wearing your custom gear is a prime example. This works through other social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and others. You can upload the video to each platform or cross share from the original. Either way, it helps build your brand!

7. Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast is probably one of these tactics, along with blogging, that will take some time to earn any income. Podcast income is based on finding sponsors, and most won’t bother sponsoring you until you build a following first. You can, of course, promote your own businesses like merchandise, services, or membership site. The important thing here is to actually provide some value. A Podcast of you and a friend just talking about nothing is a waste of time and as funny as you think you are, others probably won’t think so. Just like with blogging, find a narrow niche that still has a following and create your podcast around that. You can even stray from that narrow focus some times, but try to stay on topic.

8. Learn a skill, or put yours to work!

If you are bored and have nothing to do, learn a new skill! With the internet, youtube, and websites like skillshare out there, learning a new skill is cheap, if not free, and can be easy to do. Learning a couple of programming languages has helped me in more ways than programming. It has taught me newer ways to organize my work and thoughts that go far beyond that one skill.

Some skills that I recommend you learn are:

  • A Programming Language
  • Graphic Design
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Envato Elements – Has thousands of templates and tutorials
  • Video Editing

9. Copywriting/Ghostwriting

If you love to research new topics and writing is your thing, you may want to work as a freelance copywriter or ghostwriter. Many large companies out there, and even quite a few blogs love contracting with copywriters to write content for their websites. After you gain some experience, you may even get a job writing someone else’s eBook. (But really, you should be writing your own!)

10. Your Day job, but Virtual!

Expand on your day job. Figure a way to leverage your skills into a virtual career/ side hustle. If you are an expert in a physical service industry that has slowed down such as a chef/cook, electrician, accountant or bookkeeper, carpenter, mechanic, or other you can leverage your skills and knowledge to consult for DIYers. Or even utilize one of the other methods above like podcasts, blogging, etc. The current market values knowledge. Leverage your knowledge for your side hustle and see how successful you can be!

11. Just Volunteer

Ok, this isn’t a side hustle for monetary gain. But there are other types of capital other than cash and equipment. Volunteering builds social capital. Find some way to help others during this time. Volunteer with your favorite not for profit organization, mow your neighbor’s lawn, grow a garden to share fresh food with others. Do something good in your neighborhood. The benefits go far beyond you, but even social capital will help you. When you do go to publish that book, or start a podcast, blog, or consulting business, the people you helped will remember you.


I hope this list was in some way helpful and will allow you to better deal with the current pandemic and allow you to provide something extra for your family. Even learning a new skill to start a small business to create value in your work will go a long way to independence.

What do you think? will these tips help you? Do you have any other tips you would like to share? drop them in the comments below!

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