Tycoon Tactic – Blogging for Profit

Find a Need

The most important first step in starting any business is finding a need. This could be a new revolutionary website niche, an improvement on an existing niche, or simply a better culture surrounding the niche. I have placed this section at the beginning of the course for a reason. Without this, you will have a hard time progressing through the Tactics.

Starting a new blog is more about perfecting existing niches that are already out there than it is about finding that brand new untapped market. Granted, it is still possible to find that revolutionary new topic, but unless the idea is already there, it’s best not to spend much time trying to find it and instead expand on an existing topic.

The first step in finding a need is evaluating your hobbies and interests. Have you reached a point in your own hobby that the information was lacking decent articles explaining the process? You probably aren’t the only one. A great way to research a new niche is to list out your hobbies and list out a few questions related to that hobby that you have wondered yourself, or that people have asked you about your hobby. Take these topics and start typing them in a google search. An example I will use is “training large dogs”.

Google’s Search Suggestions is an amazing tool to find out what people are searching for. Type in a topic like training large dogs and browse the suggested searches. Browse every recommended article on the first page of search results. See if the question is answered. Guage the quality of the information provided. If the majority of articles are valuable content from high authority sites, this may not be the best niche for you, but if the search results show things like Pinterest boards, or low quality or spun articles, there is an opportunity to succeed in that topic.

Tycoon’s Advice

Don’t Rush this step. Planning your Niche is key to a profitable blog.

Be sure not to set yourself up too broad in your niche. There are likely large authority sites that already have a strong grip on that market. The best thing to do is to niche yourself down into a small part of the market and later expand after you gain some authority. The Content ratio discussed in the content Planning section of Week 4